NEPSYS® Dry Underwater Welding / Welders

The NEPSYS® system is unique, class approved, patented technology that produces a permanent surface quality weld in an underwater environment.

NEPSYS® Dry Underwater Welding

It was recognised that existing underwater welding technologies provided only temporary solutions that required subsequent rework and imposed significant operational impacts and substantial costs.

NEPSYS®  delivers an underwater welding repair solution that achieves an approved, permanent weld that is equal to dry standards.


  • Permanent repair solution
  • Produces high quality structural weld
  • Customised repair solutions
  • Minimal operational impact
  • Certified & accredited to GL, ABS, Lloyds and DNV standards
  • Compliant to various welding codes including:
    • AWS D3.6 2010 Class A
    • Mil STD 1689
    • ISO 15614-10
    • ISO 5817 level B
  • Patented internationally

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