Manufacturing, Testing & Assembly

Neptune is equipped to provide clients in the oil and gas, general construction and renewable energy industries with customised fabrication solutions across the areas of construction design, general engineering and welding services.

Manufacturing, Testing & Assembly

Neptune’s highly qualified personnel have substantial experience in these sectors and an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality results to national and international standards.

Neptune’s Aberdeen based Offshore Services provides a strategic base from which Neptune can service clients in the North Sea and European markets.

Internationally renowned as a manufacturer of specialist subsea and offshore oil and gas equipment, Neptune also provides support services for production, offshore drilling, diving, construction and intervention projects in deepwater areas such as the region west of Shetland, Norway, the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Canada, Egypt and Australia.

Additionally, Neptune is also regarded as the industry leader for the development of marine renewable energy projects in the areas of wave and tidal systems and offshore wind projects.

Neptune’s Offshore Services combines with the company’s subsea engineering resources to provide a complete engineering and fabrication solution for clients.


  • Marine Manufacture, Testing and Assembly
  • Infrastructure Refurbishment and Repair
  • Hydraulic Subsea Control Systems
  • Offshore Fabrication
  • Special Purpose Offshore Machinery
  • Renewable Energy Devices
  • Systems Integration and Testing
  • Fabrication & Assembly of Skid Mounted Packages
  • Pipe Spooling and General Fabrication in Carbon, Stainless and Exotic Alloys
  • Fabrication of Subsea Structures, Tree Frames and Debris Covers
  • Pipeline and Offshore Structural Installation
  • Flushing and Pressure Testing 35,000psi Capability


Neptune Offshore is committed to consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations and requirements while also complying with industry quality, health, safety and environmental standards. Our culture is focused on safe work practices, respect for the environment and protecting the health and safety of all employees.

Across the entire business, Neptune promotes compliance to international standards for quality management, occupational health and safety, environmental management and any other regulatory requirements relative to the business. A dedicated HSEQ Manager monitors and ensures compliance with the Neptune Group's HSEQ policies and the company's various management systems.

Neptune Offshore in the UK is a registered FPAL supplier with recognised superior status.

Neptune Offshore has several third party accreditations for its HSEQ systems. Please click on the relevant links below to view the accreditation certificates:

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