DomGas Pipeline Inspection

In December 2014, Neptune conducted a 60km inspection campaign of the DomGas pipeline.  The DomGas pipeline is approximately 90km long, of which 60km is subsea and ties into a subsea spool and riser at the LNG Jetty on Barrow Island, off the coast of Western Australia. Water depths along the subsea section range from zero to -16 meters.

Neptune provided the following equipment and services to complete the work scope:
  •      Surface GNSS positioning and heading systems
  •      Underwater positioning system (USBL)
  •      Remote helmsman navigation system
  •      ROV inspection data logging and processing suite
  •      Cathodic Potential measurement system (continuous & direct contact)
  •      Personnel to provide project management & operations support

The work was successfully completed on-board the ROV and Air Dive Support Vessel, the Dryden, utilising the Neptune owned Comanche Light Work Class ROV. A suite of inspection sensors and equipment including, cameras, fiber optic multiplexer unit and CP equipment were supplied by Neptune and fitted to the ROV.

Pipeline Inspection


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