Environment Policy

Protection of the environment is integral to Neptune Marine Services’ business success.

Our commitment to the responsible management of the environment is underpinned by the philosophy that our business activities should have the least possible effect on the environment and where possible we should leave it better than when we found it.

'Neptune Environmental Day'

As a reflection of Neptune’s ‘marine’ association, Neptune demonstrated its commitment to supporting environmental projects through its involvement in the ‘Neptune Environmental Day’ on the banks of the Swan River. The event was collaboration between Neptune, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Friends of Attadale Foreshore, the Department of Environment and Conservation and the Swan River Trust.

The area chosen for restoration is one of only three major mudflat feeding grounds within the Swan Estuary available to migratory and local wading birds. The area is of great environmental significance as it is also a nesting site for a unique Osprey population who call the Attadale foreshore home.

Regrettably, in recent years the area has succumb to an infestation of invasive plant species, such as Typha and Kikuyu, which have overrun native sedges and shrubs, impacting on the health of the Swan-Canning river system and choking wildlife habitat.

Far more aggressive than native species, invasive plants compete for land water and slowly wipe out all natives in the surrounding area. The knock on effect is an enormous loss of biodiversity.

In places where dozens of native species once thrived, only one or two invasive plants will take their place. They then provide no feed or suitable breeding habitat for local wildlife.

Another project undertaken on the day was the removal of an old fence line that, during the winter/wet period, poses the risk of trapping or snagging water birds including Perth’s iconic black swan.