Neptune Goes Deep in the Perth Canyon


Neptune recently completed a 12 day ROV campaign in the Perth Canyon, which is located approximately 50km off the port of Fremantle in Western Australia. The works were performed on-board the R/V Falkor, a Schmidt Ocean Institute research vessel.

The objective of the campaign was to obtain and investigate samples of the life coral living within the Perth Canyon for the University of Western Australia. Water depths ranged from approximately 200m at the top of the trench to 1,900m. Neptune utilised the Comanche 30 Light Work Class ROV to successfully complete the project.  

Samples of coral and seabed sediment were taken, utilising the ROV’s manipulator and a specially designed and fabricated sample skid, which contained two hydraulically operated sample drawers.

During the work scope an autonomous ocean glider that went missing on an assignment over two years ago in the Canyon, was also discovered on the seafloor, at a depth of approximately 700m.

Neptune Chief Executive Officer, Robin King, said “Neptune was pleased to be involved in this unique research project which helped to provide valuable information on our local marine environment.”

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